Potjie recipe: Cooking outdoors is fun!!!

Potjie recipe: Cooking outdoors is fun!!!

I love Cooking outdoors because it gives you a sense of freedom plus you don’t need to clean the kitchen after ūüôā
Potjie is fun and tasty and gets people to sit together next to the fire for a long time while meal is being cooked.

For those who are unfamiliar with potjiekos,It is a cast iron pot that is designed for cooking outdoors.
This pot is originated from South Africa. The idea is to cook “slow and low”, it only needs a few coals under the pot or a very small fire.
some of the recipes take quite a lot of time between 2-4 hours. so you need to be very patient when preparing a potjie.

You can find many potjie recipes on the web.  I like to prepare my potjie with short ribs and root vegetables and some wine.

Potjie recipe with Short Ribs and root vegetables:

Ingredients(for potjie size 3):

  1. 2 Kg [4 lb] of short ribs without bone  sliced to cubes
  2. 2 Onions cut to quarters
  3. 2 Potatoes cut to quarters
  4. 2 Sweet potatoes cut quarters
  5. 2 Carrots
  6. Half a bottle of red wine
  7.  A handful of mint leaves
  8. 1 tsp of black pepper
  9. 2 tsp salt
  10. A handful of cilantro(option)
  11. Half a cup of wheat berries


  1. Fry the Short ribs for a few minutes on a big fire for closer of the meat.
  2. Put the meat aside and put  the vegetables into the pot.  stir for a few minutes then get the meat cubes back in.
  3. Add the wine and let it reach boiling temperature, if there is not enough fluids then add more wine or some water.
  4. Close the lid. Let it cook on a low fire for the next 4 hours. Try not to mix too many times because all the vegetables will become moosh.
  5. At the last half an hour add the wheat berries. They will absorb all the fluids.

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