Picanha- The popular Brazilian cut.

Picanha- The popular Brazilian cut

I remember when I started hearing about this cut a few years ago when I was quiet a novice to the world of BBQ. Then I thought that nothing can beat a good steak of Prime rib, well I was wrong…
Picanha is so much rich in taste and has more juice into it.

 I tend to think that it is very hard to go wrong with this cut of meat.

By MarioM – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7270727

There are many ways of BBQ a Picanha cut.
It can be done as a whole cut on the grill. season the cut with kosher salt and pepper then Place the cut  on low heat. How to know the heat is not too high? The rule is; if you can put your hand just above the grid for 30 seconds and not get burned then the temperature is correct. The time varies between 2-3 hours. I use a thermometer to know when the cut is ready. for medium it is about 60-65 Celsius degrees.

Smoking  a whole cut it is a very popular method
Set the temperature around 110 Celsius degrees and place the cut for 2 -3 hours in the smoker till the internal temperature of the cut shows 60-65 degrees.
On the left Picanha, on the right a short rib.
Place it on a skewer:
Cut it to 4 pieces broadwise, place it on a skewer, season with Kosher salt and pepper. Put it for a while on the grill. Take it every time to the table and cut a few pieces off then place it back on the grill.

As I said at the beginning this is my favourable cut and it is very hard to mess it up.

Bon Appetit