Smoked lamb ribs

This was one of my first trials with my smoker and it came out superb. Lamb ribs are quite easy to handle for beginners.
The trick is a good marinating a day before so all the flavors will enter into the meat. I used a mix of a few sauces, but you can always invent new things. It is hard to do something wrong with lamb ribs.


2 Kg of lamb ribs
0.5 Cup of pomegranate concentrate
0.5 Cup of Date syrup.
300 cc of plums and pomegranate sauce
3 tsp salt


Mix all ingredients together. Place the ribs with the marinate in a bowl. Cover the bowl and let it stay for a day.

Set fire on the smoker.
I use coals and put one big log of Pecan.
Then I wait for the temperature will settle down around 110 Celsius degrees.

When reaching the temperature this is the time to enter the lamb ribs into the smoker. It is good to put a pan with some water under the ribs to absorb the fat, so it will not drip on the fire.
After 2 hours check with a thermometer if the temperature around 62-65 degrees, this is time to take out and enjoy.